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At IYSN we help you develop your ideas, projects, research, and in fact just about any other scientific thing. We help you to make them huge and present them on a national and global platform.

We stand by the line:  “If we don’t have a platform, we create one.”

 There are many young scientists, scholars, and exceptionally talented students in India. Most of them possess personalities and qualities so unique that we could perhaps create one of the best, yet most diverse state out of them. Many of their minds function to create great ideas and projects which they would like to work on and share with the world, but unfortunately they don’t have the platform and resources to do so.

This organisation helps such gifted students by guiding them so that they can see their ideas changing the world. Therefore, we at IYSN will help you to make your ideas huge and will support and guide you through them, because we here believe in helping people like you who live every day to make this world a better place to live & thrive in.

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