This idea is submitted by Sourabh Kaushal and Nishant Arora.



  1. From a structural point of view, I though it was good. It did a good job of providing some background information about space debris and then suggesting ways to deal with it. It’s a little repetitive in some places-the overview of what makes up space debris from the introduction is basically the same as the one at the end of Point III, only more detailed. I feel like the one in Point III could have been left out. Also, the picture of the booster in Point IV is a bit small, in my opinion. Figure 1 is unclear and could maybe be explained in more detail.
    There are some grammatical and spelling errors, but they don’t distract from the meaning of the work in most cases. Also, maybe standardizing the units used would be good-in Point I inches are used, while centimeters are used elsewhere.
    I’m not sure how much input I can give in areas like responding to the methods proposed-I don’t know enough about nanotubes and nanobots to know if those methods are feasible or not. The nanotube mesh and nanobot methods are good ideas, but, again, I’m not sure how practical they would be for large-scale use.
    The references seem credible.
    All in all, it’s good-the impression I get is that it’s detailed, and the ideas are good. I like the note in the conclusion about ensuring the safety of aliens if they happen to exist.

    Posted by Jan Florian | February 23, 2012, 6:30 PM
  2. Really a great paper, great ideas to mitigate space debris. I believe that the proposed methods are 100% feasible…………cheers….

    Posted by Aryan | March 29, 2012, 11:51 AM

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