On this page, we will introduce you to our administrators and the registered (most active) members.

1.    Parth Devshankar Upadhyay                            Founder

Parth is doing his A Levels examination for University of Cambridge.  He is currently working on his idea on building new platform of communication; for which he received investment and assistance from one of the top Indian Companies.  Parth has regularly visited and met eminent faculty of paramount institutions of higher education. He holds a distinguished recommendation from the pioneer Dr. Michio Kaku himself, and a few more. Parth has deep interest  HEP,Cosmology and Smarter way of communication and computing.

2.    Devang Agrawal                                                   Co-Founder

Devang is a KVPY fellow and a fresher at Queens College- University of Cambridge (joining sept 2012). He received the Manmohan Singh Scholarship from the University of Cambridge. He is also working on a research in IIT-Kanpur. Devang was the city topper in his CBSE examination and he also qualified for IIT with a good rank. He is interested in Applied Science.

3.    Utkarsh Singh                                                       Executive Director

Utkarsh graduated from High School with the Class of 2011. He simultaneously appeared for two board exams: the Cambridge International Examinations and the CBSE.Currently, he is doing one year diploma courses from a combination of universities, viz-a-viz the Oxford University, the Harvard University, and the University of California, Berkeley to complement his research that he was working on while in High School. He completed his first course from the Brown University in the Summer of 2011. He too, like his friends, plans to join the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the Fall 2012.Utkarsh is heavily interested in Modern Physics and Engineering and is currently working on two research projects under guidance from the above named university professors.

4.    Akshay Sivadas                                                     Project Manager 

Akshay Sivadas is the International contest winner for a space settlement organized by NASA, USA. He represented India at the International Space Development Conference 2010 at Alabama, USA. He also founded a Near Earth Orbit asteroid; a project done jointly with the International Astronomical Search Collaboration and the asteroid was named after him # AHSH34. He is working on innovation based project’s; for which he received a national honor from the former President Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmadabad; he has also filed patent’s for the same.

5.    Mohit Singhala                                                       Head South Region     

Innovator from New Delhi. For the past two years he has been working on innovations and research work. His achievements include , selection as a finalist for Youtube Spacelab. two consecutive wins at Delhi Region CBSE Science Exhibition etc. he has successfully completed “Innovation Readiness Series” by IC2 institute, University of Texas,Austin. His fields of interest are Alternative and Augmentative Communication, Navigation, Automobile Safety and Theoretical Physics.

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