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We hope you are impressed by our ideology. Since we believe that each of us, at some point in their lives, felt the need for such a network to host our ideas free-of-cost, we encourage you to now step forward and join hands with us.

Call us, mail us, or visit us: we are here exclusively for you!

It does not matter who you are, or what family and financial status you belong to. We are here to host your ideas and promote your capabilities, and we take this job very seriously.


If you are a scientist, researcher, professor, or a teacher in any discipline from any school, college, university, country or state, you can join us as our “Mentor”.

Sir we need you a lot! Without support and guidance from people like you, IYSN wouldn’t have crossed the threshold of being just a dream. People like yourself have helped make this project a reality, and are helping us all every day and every single minute of their lives by getting involved with students throughout the world. Our students look up to the exemplary paradigms set by you, and struggle to reach the success that you instilled in their minds since they were too young to even understand its true meaning.

We promise to work around your busy schedule, and we will never overburden you with our work. You will be required to review only a few articles that have first been selected, edited and processed by our qualified student volunteers. We will not let any bogus ideas reach you.

If any more information is required fell free to contact or email any of the member from Contact Us.


If you are a student excelling in science, research work of some kind, or are at college in any of the scientific or engineering fields, or even if you have just a plain passion for science and innovation, you can help us by becoming an IYSN volunteer.

Your work too is crucial for us for you can review some of the submissions that come to us, and further direct them to a concerned Mentor.

You can choose your own workload. We understand that you will have exams, campus lives to attend to, and other important stuff, but dont worry! Whenever you are busy just tell us and we will not bother you for that block of time. Please follow the instructions in the Contact Us to inform us about your schedules, or approach us for more information.


If you want to get involved by sharing your research, ideas (no matter how big, small, or revolutionary), or just about anything interesting in science, send us your link or material and we’ll publish it here!

If its your own work, we’ll make sure it gets to our Mentors, and we’ll promote it on a Global platform.

Just send us an email with your material. Be sure to include your Name, City, Country, Contact Number, Email id, Interests, and your current status (high school, college, etc).

We support you, the inventor of the ideas, and provide you the resources to progress upon your ideas and utilize it to make an actual difference to the current society.  And our Mentors make sure that you are provided with complimentary suggestions to make your research perfect, and your ideas more and more feasible! Also, we provide you invaluable resources for your education like scholarship sources, college tips, foreign & domestic education facts & comparisons, etc.

So c’mon, start getting your hands dirty, and we’ll make sure that we help you spread that extraordinary talent of yours all over the globe!

Caution:  Contributors/Authors please be warned against any kind of plagiarism (copying of someone else’s work and claiming it to be yours) whether directly or by altering the wordings.

We use advanced software to prevent plagiarism of any kind, or copyright infringements. If you commit this felony, you could face legal charges under a court of law in the jurisdiction state of the location you are in.

Your IP Address and location have been recorded for security reasons.

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