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Black Hole Firewalls and a Warning about Article Preamble

I was asked to comment upon a very interesting article about a recent revelation regarding Black Hole Firewalls, whilst doing so I could not help noticing the context in which the article had been written due to the article’s preamble. The preamble, in a nutshell, informs the reader that the article touches upon a theory which may or may not be true; but if true, will undermine at least one of the fundamental laws of physics. I strongly believe everyone should all be on the lookout for preamble such as this, as the context of article’s content is dramatically more or less concrete as a consequence. Continue reading

Voyagers Phone Home

Two JPL spacecraft are about to exit our solar system, and like dutiful offspring, they phone home every day. Continue reading

Breaking News: Higgs Boson’s Discovery Is Announced

This article is published on IYSN and adheres to all Copyrights Acts, national & international. For Copyright Disclaimers or any other further information on this person, please contact any of the IYSN administrators under Contact Us. Physicists from four experiments – two at Fermi lab near Geneva, Illinois; and two at the LHC near Geneva, Switzerland – announced … Continue reading

Dark Matter Mysteries Darken

The more we learn about dark matter the greater its mystery. Four recent astronomical observations have cast doubt on scientists’ prior claims and assumptions. Physicists believe that 83% of all the matter in our universe is invisible and very different from the matter in our bodies, in planets, in stars, or in anything else we … Continue reading


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