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Unlimited Bandwidth- I’m not Joking!

 Unlimited Bandwidth 

Where we learn that current communication is inadequate for our forthcoming ambitions, and we do not at present have a suitable alternative for the future. We look at precisely what governs the speed of communication, and exactly how slow it is throughout the Universe. We take a glimpse at the evolution of communication. We also discover the attempts there have been to improve communication speeds, and ultimately discover a solution that nature has miraculously revealed to us.

Read this Research paper and you’ll know what I’m talking about.


This is part of Rob Lowe’s Book-THE ECCENTRIC UNIVERSEwhere he talks about many such things.

Rob is Global CEO and Interim Chairman of GPSSEF (Global Peoples’ Science and Space Exploration Foundation) which is about to be launched. 


Wonders, mysteries and secrets of where we live.

A fascinating and perceptive insight into the most peculiar aspects of the Universe. Topics covered are verging on the ‘almost unbelievable’. How nature has revealed instantaneous communication; the reason for déjà vu; the remarkable eternal jellyfish; where money comes from; the fastest evolutionary species; the mysteries of instinct; what this peculiar Higgs particle is all about; the cause of consciousness; secrets of how to hypnotise people; the extraordinary properties of light; the quantum computing revolution; tell-tale signs which show extraterrestrials exist; what happens when you die; traits that constitute happiness; the mysteries of time; how ‘they’ are watching you; inventions of the future; and a host of other compelling topics.

“Creative, innovative and thought-provoking, yet light-hearted

and highly entertaining.”

Introducing a completely new communication mechanism for the future.

“If you are inquisitive by nature, have a sense of humour, and are seeking

answers to life’s mysteries – this book is for you.”

Rob Lowe’s deep fascination for original thought, discovering purpose, advanced technologies, shaping culture and innovative projects, has culminated in this unique publication.”


4 thoughts on “Unlimited Bandwidth- I’m not Joking!

  1. action at a distance is an established corollary of quantum entanglement.also how can we possibly achieve unlimited bandwidth considering the fact that we need enormously large and complicated facilities to channelize these photons lest they run amok. maybe quantum computing hs answers.

    Posted by SANKHADEEP SHOME | January 27, 2012, 8:59 AM
  2. Intergalactic communication and spooky action at a distance ~ Most classic and crisp part of the paper. We certainly have exciting times ahead !

    Posted by Akshay | January 27, 2012, 8:09 PM
    • Akshay – Consider a question that requires thought well beyond the current era – ‘How will technology devices improve in the future?’
      Comparing some groundbreaking, technological features that have evolved recently, it may be possible to visualise where devices are heading in the future. There are sophisticated, handheld, banking facilities, the ability to purchase goods from anywhere in the world from a phone, location-aware services, social networks, visual aids for street scenes and satellite views of everywhere upon the planet. There is also the ability to talk and video conference with anyone on the planet, wherever and whenever required.
      The convergence of mobile devices with the Internet has now been achieved. When coupled with the miniaturisation of devices, ever-decreasing prices and mass-production – the net result is something that is effective, convenient, compelling and available to all.
      These devices and their applications are designed to make human beings’ lives easier – no time is required to configure any of the device’s features. The devices now come with the most common pre-defined user preferences, which can be altered later.
      To consider the technological breakthroughs of the future, it is perhaps best to look at what factors will drive their advance. Banks will want customers to be loyal, advertising revenues will be crucial, familiarity and branding is paramount, and the customer will want better applications, experiences and interfaces.

      Posted by Rob Lowe | January 28, 2012, 8:58 PM

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