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Parallel Universes -Max Tegmark

This is the best non-technical article on Parallel Universe (Multiuniverse). It was published in Scientific American (April, 2003). 


One thought on “Parallel Universes -Max Tegmark

  1. Mark – do you feel that it is appropriate to show bubbles, why cannot these parallel universes be along side each other very tightly wrapped. Almost to the extent that the universe we are in just shows a tiny fraction of the mass of an atom; within a universe right next to us other atoms will be occupying the very same space. A little like how you could place a magnet to a swimming pool full of polystyrene balls and same-sized metal balls; the magnet will yank out the metal balls only. Different movement within the same space. This could account for Brownian motion and other apparently spooky vibrations. I will be happy to take this further. Be sure to check out my new book, ‘The Eccentric Universe’, it is doing quite well so far and has created a great deal of interesting discussion.

    Posted by Rob Lowe | February 6, 2012, 6:19 AM

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